A game made by GBStudio. Finished in 48 hours. 

One day, you were crashed by a car. But the Shinigami, the god of death, told that you should not have died. So he give you a misson and a wonderful ability, in exchange for your life. Use your new ability to complete the mission and defeat the BOSS!

Install instructions

You can't run this .gb file only.

You can run this soft on any Gameboy emulator, including Gameshell devices.




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This had the most beautiful nostalgia to it! The story was really good too and I love the transformation concept

The story telling is amazing. The sprites and transitions are very nice as well. The mechanism is interesting but I feel it’s a bit weird that you can transform right in front of the person and doesn’t surprise him/her. But I understand it’s difficult to do differently in GBStudio.